Igniting Women Who Lead to reset, risk, and rise!

If you are a Woman Who Leads who wants to RESET, TAKE RISKS and RISE you have to listen to Frances’ mesmerizing keynotes and read her books in English or Spanish!

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Even though every day there are more women in the workforce, they are not holding chairs with decision power in the same amount as men, and therefore do not receive the same salaries, benefits, or special perks men receive at the top tier and/or as members of board of directors.

Showcased, you’ll find results based on the W Certified Company™ which are parallel to global trends on this matter.

The Women Who Lead Summit™, created by Frances, has become the largest summit for businesswomen in Latin America. 

This exclusive event, held annually, is designed for top women executives and entrepreneurs… Men attend as well due to the high caliber of speakers and best global business practices.

The summit helps female leaders reach their next professional pinnacles and advises companies on how to become strong advocates for women.

The next Women Who Lead Summit™ experience is scheduled for May 2nd, 2018 in Puerto Rico, USA.