Women are the world’s most powerful consumers. 

They drive much of the household spendings with their influence and buying power.  An Ernst & Young report predicts that women’s incomes will reach $18 trillion by 2018. They are also poised to control 75 percent of global discretionary spending.

Are you leaving money on the table because you don’t deeply understand what they need and dream? Its time to prioritize your budgets to target this ever-growing segment now!

The W Report: The Power of the Female Consumer™ helps you better understand what women want and what inspires them to buy.

Let us bring the voice and perspectives of the female consumer into your organization. How?  With Frances’s keynote or conducting a study exclusively for your organization, products, and services.

We will help you secure the type of insights needed to rise above your competition by developing customized strategies focused on women. Savvy organizations will never underestimate the powerful female consumer. You can’t either!

Whether you need help with product innovation, market research, public relations and marketing strategies, building a better female customer experience, or inspiring others through a keynote presentation, we have the expertise to assist you.