Will your next event’s speaker drive your audience to take actions that will ignite their growth and your business?

Will they infuse your organization’s message from the moment they take the stage?

Will they send people home with the tools and strategies they need to create momentum in business?

When you choose Frances, the answer to all those questions is a resounding YES! She delivers sessions that create value, inspire and ignite participants, engage their minds and hearts, and spurs them into action.


The way Frances personalizes her presentations and integrates a client’s message in her keynotes allows her to inspire and ignite participants to action and measurable results.


Audiences always rave about Frances’ unique-style.
Companies bring her back frequently because of her passion on stage and unique ability to keep audiences connected throughout her presentations.


The integration of personal stories, real-life examples, and practical ideas based on her experience as a top executive for Fortune 100 companies – and as a womanpreneur – inspires audiences to become game changers!

100% BILINGUAL (English and Spanish)

Organizations with presence in the United States and Latin America hire Frances because they want to extend the same message to all their employees in the Americas.


  • Male and female executives who want to reach their professional pinnacle
  • Companies that want to implement a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Organizations that want to prevent costly errors and increase employee engagement
  • Leaders who want to increase levels of women inclusion, empower women and accelerate business results,
  • Company-wide meetings of all sizes
  • Trade organizations
  • Spanish and English speaking audiences

“That’s the way it’s always been done?” This way of thinking is holding organizations back. To compete in today’s world, you must reshape models, innovate, and re-train leadership teams to step out of their comfort zones and into practices that will propel teams to extraordinary new goals.

Women have been taught to lead one way, men another. This leads to antiquated business models that impede organizations from reaching their maximum potential. We take a powerful new look at how cultural and gender biases affect company growth.

In this eye-opening keynote, your team will discover:

  • What proprietary research says about stereotypes and how they impede growth
  • How to nurture a generation of future leaders free from these biases
  • The means to encourage more inclusive, cohesive teams eager to adopt new business models and ideas
  • How to inspire team members to let go of cultural stereotypes and identify the types of insights and opportunities for your organizations to be more successful.

if you are ready to reshape the models of outdated mindsets and business practices, this is the keynote for you.

The #1 Keynote for Women’s Network Programs “Good” isn’t enough in today’s business environment. “Great” isn’t even good enough. How can you make an impact in a hyper-
competitive ever-changing world? You must become a GAME-CHANGER. That means leaving traditional mindsets and roles behind, and establishing a culture of innovation and
creativity by empowering your people to develop new ideas and solutions.

In this career-altering keynote, audiences will learn how to:

  • Define and visualize the steps needed to reach their professional and personal goals.
  • Forget about balancing and focus on adjusting their time utilizing our exclusive Personal Soundboard™.
  • Fuel lifelong resilience through the Rubber Band Factor™.

Ready to RISE to the pinnacle and stay there?


A dynamic and innovative conference that integrates the skills Frances Rios learned as a student pilot that are applicable to business tactics.

From a unique perspective, she presents how aviation techniques can be implemented into a company’s and individual’s professional growth.


  • It prepares your team to identify and anticipate any situation that may arise -as could normally happen while you are piloting an airplane
  •  will provide the tools and knowledge to readjust and refocus to make decisions faster and more effective.

The finale will create a memorable image in the mind of the entire audience.

The days of pushing information are long gone. Break through the clutter, prevent costly errors, and increase productivity and engagement. If you want results,
you need to focus on inspiring and igniting desired actions.

  • Resonate through the Skipping Stone Effect™
  • Reduce by 50% the time needed to prepare presentations with The Glue Factor Template™
  • Recognize and maximize the differences in communication styles between women and men.

“It’s not my job.”
“I’m not paid to do that.”
“That’s not in my job description.”

These are common responses from disgruntled employees that are disengaged from their organizations. Transform your team members with the tools and solutions necessary to turn those unproductive, unmotivated mindsets into can-do attitudes where “It IS My Job” is the norm. This change in attitude allows your team to exceed business expectations.

In this dynamic and interactive keynote, audiences will discover what a firefighter, a pilot, and an emergency room doctor have in common when they need to inspire and ignite their teams to act decisively.

  • Define a common goal that is repeatable and memorable
  • Ensure that key messages resonate in the minds of your employees and customers
  • Dramatically reduce the decision-making process and accelerate growth.

Inspire team members and leaders to step away from old habits, limited thinking, and a lack of desire to do what’s needed for the greater good. That’s our secret as a company and we would like to share it with you.

For Medical Professionals and Support Staff
Did you know that the #1 reason for costly malpractice lawsuits is errors in communication? According to an American Hospital Association study, effective communications and bedside manner are two crucial skills a medical team must possess and dominate.

Frances and Dr. Pedro González, Fellow at MD Anderson Cancer Center, will share unique strategies to:

  • Connect and communicate with patients and their relatives in a more effective and compassionate manner
  • Promote understanding and adherence to treatments
  • Simplify medical concepts with storytelling techniques
  • Increase patient satisfaction while maximizing the consultation time

Giving professionals the tools, strategies, and solutions they need to increase their connectivity with patients is essential for high-quality care, long-term patient relationships, increase referrals, and prestige.

For engagements connect with:
Laura León
787.362.4234 / 787.231.7347