Igniting the Next Generation of Women Who Lead.™

In today’s world, we still dress boys in shirts with powerful quotes such as “Unstoppable”, “Play Like a Boss” and “Future Pro”, while we tend to dress girls in clothes with messages like “Daddy’s Little Princess” or “Sweet as a Cupcake.”

The result? It imparts limited thinking in the minds of young girls. The reality is that too many girls between the ages of five and ten years old aren’t being raised to believe they can take on the world.

GIRL WHO LEADS™ is a global movement designed to educate, empower, and embolden the potential of girls around the world.

Because it’s time to change that narrative, have a conversation with girls, and empower them to believe they can do anything they set their minds to.

It’s okay to dress her like a princess as long as you let her know that she doesn’t have to live waiting for the prince to rescue her! Princesses can build and keep their our castles!

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel

Now is the perfect moment to start a conversation about the limitless potential of girls to reach their personal and professional goals. Let’s help them realize that gender is irrelevant when creating and seizing opportunities.

We have also created a fashion line that serves this purpose. T-shirts with the slogans “Girl Who Leads”, “Future CEO”, and “Future Entrepreneur” allow girls to communicate their desire and willingness to lead.

Our team works with organizations to customize these power tees with their respective logos. These can be given as gifts to employees’ daughters and other girls in local communities as part of an entity’s social responsibility program.

On February 17, 2018, the first ever GIRL WHO LEADS EXPO™ will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico in partnership with the island’s First Lady, Beatriz Rosselló. The event will feature conferences and workshops by an impressive lineup of international speakers.

Sofia La Valiente y los 5 súper poderes que le regaló su tía 


If you have a special girl in your life, no matter the age, you must empower her with the five super powers Frances shares with Sofía the Courageous. Through this book you will learn of Frances’ personal stories and her family when it comes to igniting her niece to become a future woman who leads.

To develop the leaders of the future, it is crucial to talk to girls from childhood about core issues that will allow them to know that they can achieve their dreams without obstacle.

Through simple language, Frances presents essential topics in life such as the rewards that efforts bring, what it is to be a leader, and how to adapt to the changes that life brings us.