Frances is the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to empowering women and connecting with the female consumer.

Her powerful and compelling presence lets Frances ignite women who lead to reset, risk, and rise! And audiences who want to attract the female consumer!  In both English and Spanish!

Fortune 500 companies rely on Frances’ expertise, knowledge, and proprietary data to transform their cultures into women inclusive in order to:
-Attract, develop, and promote the best female talent,
-Connect and get the loyalty of the female consumer,
-Grow financially!

We believe that organizations that rely on diverse perspectives, especially those of female employees and customers, will design better products, deliver better
services, and build a stronger reputation.

Organizations that embrace women inclusion programs understand that it’s not just about reporting employee demographics. It’s about achieving business growth, lifting performance, generating customer insights, creating new opportunities, and executing successful business plans.

It also helps attract top talent when a culture that values inclusion, innovation, and creativity exists.

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Igniting companies to promote women inclusion and grow financially!

Frances is committed to helping organizations promote women inclusion, connect with the female consumer, and grow financially.

International organizations trust Frances’ unique expertise to create development programs for women to help them reset, risk, and rise while having a positive impact on their bottom lines.

Companies understand that transforming their cultures to be inclusive allows them to have a better understanding of their female consumer, which represents 85% of the purchasing decisions at home.

What doesn’t get measured, does not improve. Proprietary diagnostic tools like the  W Certified Company™, The W Report™, and research on the impact of conscious and unconscious biases on children, allows Frances and her team to provide clients with a 360˙ perspective on how to connect with female employees and clients.

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From research, consulting, keynotes, and books!

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