What's your game plan...

To position your organization as the preferred one by the female talent and consumer?

Today’s #1 topic is WOMEN.

-Their working environments,
-Their growth opportunities in business,
-Their power as primary consumer.

So, why should you care? Only because you as a brand will be measured by YOUR:

  • Reputation on creating female friendly environments,
  • Efforts to be free of costly sexual harassment and equal pay cases,
  • Internal development programs that promote women towards top tiers,
  • Success at discovering, keeping, and promoting the best female talent,
  • Branding efforts to mirror and connect with your female consumer.
Let us help you take three easy and powerful steps that will support

position your company as the preferred one by women.

    Set to your perfect degree! Use our unique diagnostic tool, the W Certified Company™ to measure the levels of engagement from your female talent regarding your efforts to discover, keep, and promote them.
    We’ll do it for you! By developing programs aimed to transform your culture of doing business towards a more inclusive one.
    Avoid the boiling point! Let’s work together to establish and meet KPI’s that you can use to showcase yourself as the preferred company of the female talent and consumer.

Coming from the corporate world,

I saw first-hand how companies still struggle to insert more women on their top tiers.

On the same token how women still struggle to find their way to the top tiers or organizations!

That is why we work closely with company leaders and their female talent to meet together at the top.

Find your blind spots. Take the temperature.

In the age of #MeToo and #YoTengoElPoder you can’t leave your personal and your company’s reputation vulnerable to preventable risks and crises.

Call us today to conduct a courtesy risk assessment!

Become the preferred organization

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