Do you want to promote the sustainable development of your organization? Then you must remember two key terms – brand reputation and women inclusion.

W Certified Company™ is an innovative and proprietary tool that allows organizations to measure the impact of women inclusion within their enterprise. It also looks at topics such as compensation, and corporate social responsibility programs, and secures insights about strategies to attract, develop,

and promote female talent.

By participating in the W Certified Company ™ program, your organization can enhance its brand reputation, accelerate growth, increase sales, and position itself as a sustainable company.

Numerous organizations, from small businesses to global corporations, participate yearly because they understand the value created by this resource.

Organizations best positioned to participate include those who have been in operation for more than two years and have twenty-five or more regular employees, plus a minimum of five women in leadership positions.

Just as companies strive to be certified as ISO 2000 and LEED (Green Building), get your organization W CERTIFIED!

Participating in the W Certified Company ™ is very simple. Just choose one of the options below and register your business electronically.