What causes executives and business owners to lose sleep at night? Saving money, reducing costly errors, increasing employee engagement and productivity, promoting teamwork, retaining talent, avoiding lawsuits, and earning consumer loyalty. These are some of the issues affected by ineffective communication and lack of cohesiveness among employees.

A key to success lies in promoting acceptance and understanding of different communication and business styles between generations and genders.

How much money are you wasting through ineffective communication?

The C Index™ is a diagnostic tool that enables organizations to measure “communication leakage” in dollars and cents. This tool allows companies to:

  • Measure losses caused by ineffective employee communication
  • Visualize how quickly and clearly messages navigate through the organization
  • Discover how internal communication practices could be hindering the decision-making process.

To accelerate business growth and increase revenues, we created a communications model that ensures your team members are focused on common goals. It also allows you to develop key messages that resonate with internal and external customers, lead to better client engagement, and allows for innovative solutions that achieve growth.

Women in the workplace face numerous challenges moving up the professional ladder, even though they represent half of the labor force in the United States.

Employers who don’t devote resources to women in the workplace are missing a large opportunity to develop their human capital and accelerate growth.

Mentorship in the workplace can sometimes be hard for women to tap into, especially in male-dominated cultures. Women can easily find themselves feeling alone, trying their best to advance their careers, but lacking the knowledge that would empower them to develop professionally and be more effective. This not only impacts women in a negative way, but it ultimately affects the organization’s bottom line.

Mentors can guide female executives and business owners through difficult challenges, as well as coach them on how to best advance in complex environments. However, almost one in five women

say they’ve never had a mentor in the workplace. This should be concerning to employers.

Mentorship is key to both retaining and developing women as executives and in leadership positions. Our team creates customized packages for
female executives and business owners to help them reach their maximum potential.

A female coach to guide women leaders through those familiar, and unfamiliar challenges, roadblocks, and hurdles. Because there is such a proven difference between men and women in their road to success, most female executives feel that a like-minded female coach understands best their professional and personal needs.

Damaris C. Sánchez is an expert on talent acquisition and management who excelled as a top executive for Fortune 500 companies such as Citibank, Warner Lambert, and GlaxoSmithKline. She works with clients on ways to address the unique needs and challenges they face to help them grow exponentially.

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Positioning your organization as a women’s advocate is easy when you reach out to experts. Those looking for better financial results recognize that promoting a more inclusive workforce produces better returns on investment.

Based on proprietary information secured through the W Certified Company™, W Report™, and Women Who Lead Summit™, we can support your company in the following ways:


  • Developing women’s inclusion network programs
  • Coaching groups on professional development programs
  • Offering leadership training focused on identifying and dealing with real and perceived biases
  • Introducing efforts to reduce employment practices liabilities
  • Identifying key performance indicators (KPI) to monitor and measure success
  • Creating special vendor fairs to attract women-owned companies and balance the vendor scorecard
  • Developing and implementing public relations programs to promote awareness of your company’s efforts and investments in women inclusion to internal and external audiences, news media, and stakeholders.